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Free Time, Creativity, and a Change of Plans — 6 Comments

  1. Those bears are adorable! I was enjoying reading about your new found creativity, then life shifted. I admire your commitment to the town and willingness to serve.. I wish I could vote for you but I live in Shirley! Good luck

  2. The bear outfits are adorable! I love that you saved all that fabric with the memories that go with it!

    • Thanks, Deb! Yes, I’m definitely a saver of stuff, which isn’t always a good thing 🙂 But I love the connections to earlier times in my life, and I like being able to re-use things.

  3. Wow, Becky, I thought I saved stuff. But you win. I get it, though, everything you did. One of my winter projects was making mittens from an online pattern, using wool sweaters (only 30 years old), that I “felted” in the washing machine! They are almost as cute as those bears. And I did vote for you! Congratulations.

    • Thanks, Lindy. Yes, I’m a saver of stuff! I bet those are cute mittens. Definitely not a project for the current season!

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