This blog is based on the “Suddenly at Home” blog that Keith Dawson set up for his St. Paul, MN neighborhood.

Here is what Keith writes about his blog:

So I would like to offer this platform for this community to share its experience, knowledge, insight, and humor as we weather this pandemic together and apart.


I envision Suddenly at Home as a place where anyone who wants to can blog in their own unique voice; and people’s personal voices can reach an audience with useful experiences, hard-won knowledge, poignant anecdotes, or a touch of humor to brighten the day. But no politics, and nothing that could be construed as medical advice.


Blog posts need not be weighty or onerous. A quick observation out the window of self-isolation is fine; so is a longer and more reasoned post on tips for coping with isolation, loneliness, or home schooling. What you might post to NextDoor or Facebook — try posting that here.


Please reach out if this idea interests you at all, even if you don’t consider yourself “technical enough” for blogging. I am more than willing to tutor anyone who wants to participate, to whatever level is necessary.

I don’t know where this experiment will go. Perhaps no one will take me up on the offer and Suddenly at Home will quietly fold its tent. It may thrive for a time and wither as life gets back to normal. Or it may grow and develop into something more lasting. Let’s try it and see.